A large network of purchase points for pickers

Dalla Valle Oy has about 50-60 purchase points all around Finland. Most of purchase points are like warehouses and some of them like bus stops where our trucks stop daily at certain time buying mushrooms and berries from the pickers. This way Dalla Valle Oy is able to better serve the pickers. We have divided our purchase points by areas. Please, choose the nearest area to you. You will find listed all the purchase points in the area with all the informatin including opening hours.

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Purchasing products


Boletus Edulis and Pinophilus

Boletus maushrooms: categories 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Both Boletus Edulis and Pinophilus, no need to separate when picking or selling. Will be purchased fresh and well cleaned from sand and other dirt from forests. No water washing.


Last purchase day for chanterelles is on Tuesday 5.9.2023. Chanterelle (lat. Cantharellus cibarius) is a beautiful yellow, funnel-shaped mushroom. The edge of its cap is...

Horn of plenty

Horn of plenty are bought fresh, whole, and well cleaned of soil, sand and other forest debris. No water cleaning. No specially purchase categorization is used.

Fresh Northern milkcap

(lat. Lactarius trivialis) Northern milkcaps are purchased fresh and well cleaned. There can be max 2cm of the leg attached to the cap, but no...

Haaparousku, keitetty ja suolattu

Keitetty/suolattu haaparousku tuodaan omissa astioissa ja siirretään ostossa ostoastioihin. Suolasienen tulee olla vedestä valutettu ennen ostopisteelle tuontia. Haaparouskun suolausohje: 1. Keitä rouskuja 5 min: keitin...

Trumpet chanterelle

(lat. Cantharellus tubaeformis) Trumbet chanterelle is purchased fresh, whlole and well-cleaned. No water cleaning. There is no specific category classification.
Area/purchase points:Joutseno

Sheep polypore

(lat. Albatrellus ovinus) Last purchase day for sheep polypore in season 2023 is on Saturday 16.9.2023. Sheep polypores are purchased well cleaned. Warm holes are...

Fused polypore

(lat. Albatrellus confluens) Last purchase day for fused polypore in season 2023 is on Saturday 16.9.2023 Fused polypore are purchased well cleaned and as whole....


Billberries, cleaned

Last day of purchase for cleaned billberries is on Thursday 24.8.2023. Cleaned billberries should be well cleaned of forest dirt and there can’t be any...

Billberries, uncleaned

The purchase of uncleaned billberries will stop. Last day of purchase is Friday 11.8.2023. There can be leaves, conifers, cones or other forest garbage amongst...

Cleaned lingonberries

The purchase of cleaned lingonberries will start on Wednesday 23.8.2023. Cleaned lingonberries should be red, mature, dry and well-cleaned. There can’t be any other types...

Lingonberries: uncleaned

The purchase of uncleaned lingonberries in season 2023 starts on Monday 18.9.2023. The uncleaned lingonberries shoud be dry, so don’t pick the berries in a...
Area/purchase points:Heinävesi Karvio Tuupovaara


The purchase of cranberries has not yet started for the season 2023.l Cranberries are purchased only cleaned. They should be cleaned well and there shouldn’t...
Area/purchase points:Joutseno North Karelia Lapinlahti


The purchase of cloudberries is concentrate in the area of Kuusamo in Northern Finland. We purchase cloudberries freshly picked and well handled. In the purchase of cloudberries we separate two categories: 1st and 2nd quality classes.


Viimeinen ostopäivä karviaiselle on maanantaina 28.8.2023. Karviaisen tulee olla mahdollisimman hyvin puhdistettua.


Herukoiden osto päättyy kaudelta 2023: viimeinen ostopäivä maanantaina 28.8.2023. Puna-, musta-, valko- ja viherherukat sekä karviaiset. HUOM! Viiinimarjat ostetaan tertuissa eli keräys myös terttuina. Kaikkien...
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