About Dalla Valle Oy

Dalla Valle Oy is specialized in purchasing, processing and selling Finnish fresh and frozen wild mushrooms, both domestic and foreign markets. It is a family business that has been operating since 1995. The company has a strong leader position in the field of Finnish wild mushrooms, buying them all over the country. Thanks to hard work and well-establish relationships with pickers and customers, Dalla Valle Oy is the only company able to deal with large quantities, offering its products to all the major European distributors.

Behind the success of Dalla Valle Oy is one Italian man, Mr Loreno Dalla Valle, who is the founder, owner and CEO of the company. When he changed his residence from Italy to Finland to establish his family in 1985, Loreno discovered the fineness of Finnish Boletus, which he thought they would surely have a great market, especially in Italy, where he was from. Little by little the business idea was developed and, consequently, the company was founded. By becoming expertise in wild mushrooms, creating the appropriate spaces for processing them, organizing a wide logistic network to buy them, developing the picking culture among residents and building trustworthy relationship with pickers and customers, Dalla Valle has managed to grow up solid.

Nowadays the team of Dalla Valle Oy consists of the CEO Loreno, his two daughters Zelia (buying, marketing, financial management), Zara (buying and quality supervisor) and Marco (production). During the season Dalla Valle Oy also employes a group of seasonal workers.

Dalla Valle Oy made its biggest effort to establish the largest logistic network to collect mushrooms in Finland, because one of the main company’s targets has been and still is to serve the pickers as good as possible during the season. The company has 50-60 purchase points around the country and several travelling trucks to reach the most remote areas. The head office and main warehouse is located in Sotkuma (North Karelia), and the company has recently invested in another facility (Tohmajärvi) extending the business also to all kind of wild berries. You will find all products Dalla Valle Oy buys here .

Thanks to professionality, reliability and quality of the products, the company has achieved a great position as suppliers of Finnish wild forest products among its customers, and it is well known especially for fresh and frozen Boletus. You will find more about products here.

Dalla Valle Oy

Perheyritys sydämellä!

Dalla Valle Oy on luonnonsienten toimialalla toimiva perheyritys, joka ostaa, käsittelee ja myy luonnonsieniä, erityisesti herkkutatteja, sekä marjoja. Yritys on alansa suurin Suomessa luonnonsienten parissa toimiva yritys, jonka toiminta on kehittynyt jatkuvasti aina sen perustamisesta 1997 lähtien. Yrityksen perustajana ja toimitusjohtajana on tattikeisarina tunnettu Loreno Dalla Valle.

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