How to handle Lactarius Trivialis (Northern Milkcap)

Before selling Lactarius Trivialis to Dalla Valle´s purchase point, the mushrooms should be handled according to our instructions below. Please, read them carefully before picking the mushroom.

Handling fresh Lactarius Trivialis:

  1. Collect different spieces in their own boxes
  2. Lactarius Trivialis should be cleaned well in the forest. That is all the possible sand, dirt from the ground, needles, leaves etc should be taken off.
  3. Mushrooms should be sound, solid and not overaged (=colour brown underneath the cap). This is important.
  4. Do not collect the mushrooms in plastic bags.
  5. The maximum diameter of the cap is 10 cm. All the mushrooms should be whole = no cutting at all. There can be max 2 cm of the leg attached to the cap but seperate legs are not accepted.
  6. The mushrooms should be sold during the same day they are picked up from the forests

Prepairing Lactarius Trivialis in brine for sale:

Please, follw the following instructions for prepairing Lactarius in brine:

  1. Handle the mushrooms fresh according to our instructions above.
  2. Boil the mushrooms around 5 minutes in good amount of water (1/4 mushrooms and 3/4 water)
  3. Rinse quickyl after 5 minutes boiling with cold water for cooling the mushrooms the mushrooms.
  4. Salt down the cooled mushrooms: 100% cooled mushrooms --> 15 % of salt. For example: 10 kgs of boiled and rinsed mushrooms --> add 1,5 kg of sal. The salt should be added in layers.
  5. Store the mushrooms in brine in a cool, dry place (temperature +5°c)

For any other questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our purchase points.

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