Instructions for picking mushrooms

Woven baskets or similars are recommended to preserve the freshness of mushrooms. It also helps the mushrooms to remain cool and airy. Please, do not use any plastic bags as a container. Pick up the Boletus off the ground by hands. Push your fingers under the stem and pull up carefully from the ground. A small rotation helps the operation. A knife with a brush is needed to rub off all the soil around the stem. Finish the cleaning using the brush of the knife. Please note, that the base of the stem has to remain whole as illustrated in the photos below. To maintain the quality of the product, please, pay attention not to crush the mushrooms by overfilling the baskets. Important: Do not rinse the mushrooms with water.

We recommend you to bring the mushrooms to our purchasing points as soon as possible. For more information, please visit our purchasing points. Our staff will gladly help You with any questions You may have.

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