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Dalla Valle Oy operates with wild mushrooms, especially with Boletus Edulis and Boletus Pinophilus. We are able to work with large quantitives thanks to our large purchasing network and purpose-built warehouses.

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A large network of purchase points for pickers

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We sell fresh and frozen products domestically and to all the major European distributors.

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Collecting and selling mushrooms in Finland

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Our purchase points are:

  1. Area 1: Punkaharju
  2. Area 2: North Karelia
  3. Area 3: South Karelia
  4. Area 4: South and North Savo
  5. Area 5: Region of Päijät-Häme
  6. Area 6: West Finland
  7. Area 7: Region of Oulu and Kainuu
  8. Area 8: Lapland

The open points of purchase vary from crop season to season according to the growing areas of the mushrooms. To find out more about our points of purchase in different regions, select your region from the menu. Please also be aware of any changes or updates to our point of sale information.


Dalla Valle Oy

Since 1995 Dalla Valle Oy has been operating in the field of wild mushrooms. The company focuses on the purchase, processing and selling of Finnish Boletus Edulis and Pinophilus. Thanks to hard work and well-established relationships with customers and collectors Dalla Valle Oy is the only finnish company dealing with large quantities of wild mushrooms.

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Dalla Valle Oy sells fresh and frozen products domestically and to all the major European distributors. We are able to serve the market from small to very large quantities.

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