Boletus Edulis and Pinophilus

Boletus mushrooms (Edulis and Pinophilus): I-, II-, III-class

Boletus Edulis and Boletus pinophilus belong to the genus Boletus mushrooms and are valued edible  mushrooms. Both species grow in Finland from Turku to Lapland. The species are similar in appearance and nutritional value, but they thrive in slightly different habitats.

Boletus Edulis

Boletus Edulis grows in coniferous forests: especially in fresh, moraine-based forests as a spruce root fungus. In appearance, the colour of the cap of Boletus Edulis varies: it is usually dark brown, medium brown or light brown. The foot of the mushroom is sturdy and the upper part of the foot has a soft white mesh pattern kind of.



Boletus Pinophilus

Boletus Pinophilus grows in pine forests as a companion to pine tree. It grows especially well on sand-based pine forests. The cap of Boletus Pinophilus is dark red-brown. There is some red-brown also on the leg and the foot part has a light white mesh pattern.

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