Thank you all who shared the season 2022 with us.

Unfortunately, the season 2022 was not what we expected. The luck of mushrooms, especially boletus, will be the main issue that will be remembered in future from season 2022. Among forest mushrooms only chantarelles grew very well this year. All the others suffered from lack of rain unfortunately. We wated so long this year for a good, powerful growth of boletus – but the wating was not rewarding this time.

Luckily, there was some berries, that some how saved our season this year. Thanks to the berries and chantarelles, we were able to stay open. Especially, billberries grew very well this year in Finland and were fantastic! We worked a lot with lingonberries also, thus they grew only in some areas this year.

Even if the feelings are not too high at the moment when we are doing the ending tasks of the season and the tiredness is high, we are very much thankful for all of you who shared to season with us. Thank you pickers, thank you personnel, thank you customers and thank you collaborators. It is always a pleasure to see you and catch up.

We wish you all the best for the winter season. Hope to see you next season, and hopefully with plenty of mushrooms. Take care, rest and all the peace to you. Will see you next year!

Best wishes,

Loreno, Zelia, Zara, and Marco

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