Our purchase car starts its route on Friday 21.7.: Parikkala, Punkaharju, Kerimäki, Savonranta, Heinävesi

We will open our purchase route 5 in the area of North Savo. Purchase car 5 will stop from Friday 21.7. forward every day at Parikkala, Punkaharju, Kerimäki, Savonranta and Heinävesi. We wish you very welcome.

The products we are buying:
Boletus (1st, 2nd, 3rd class)
Horn of plenty
Northern milkcaps
Sheep Polypore
cleaned billberries

More info about the purchase stops:

Stop at Parikkala
Stop at Punkaharju
Stop at Kerimäki
Stop at Savonranta
Stop at Heinävesi

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