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The season 2018 has started! We are open in North Karelia.In rest of Finland we are ready to open.

Good morning everyone from our head quarter in Sotkuma North Karelia. We are so happy that the season 2018 has finally started. We have opened some purchase points and routes in eastern Finland. The Boletus Edulis growing at the moment are so wonderfuls! They really are excellent samples of the beutiness of Finnish mushrooms.

In the rest of Finland we are preparing the opening. We are constantly following the situation in the forests and also expecting your markings on the growth. Please, let us know where the boletus are growing so that we are able to open at the right time in the right area our purchase points. We cannot wait that the season truly begins in all the Finland. You may inform us about the growth via phone directly to Loreno tel. +358 500 297 811 or via email or by sending a message in facebook (Dalla Valle Oy).

We wish you all welcome to our purchase points that are open. Hopefully, the rest of the points will be opened soon. 

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18 boletus edulis