The growth of Pine Bolete has started in the area of Joensuu and Kontiolahti.

We have some exciting news for everybody. It seems that the pine bolete has started its groth in the area of Joensuu and Kontiolahti and they are amazing! So, now it’s time to check out also the pine forests, because the growth will start fast.

The King Bolete is growing well especially in the are of Juuka, Romppala and Kontiolahti. Other parts of North Karelia we are still wating that the growth will take some serious power. But for sure it will not be too long that we have our hands full of ceps. Oh yes!

In addition to ceps we are also buying other species of mushrooms and berries.

We wish you all very welcome to our purchase points. It is perfect time for picking. Hope to see you soon!

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