The first boletus mushrooms have been found: let’s be on the watch for the coming growth

Some exciting news from the North Karelia. The first Boletus Edulis has been found on 5.7.2023 in Rääkkylä. In addition, a few Boletus Pinophilus have been found in Ilomantsi’s pine forest. We are so excited and hope that there will be a good summer growth of Boletus this season. Let’s hope so and it is important now to be on the watch of the forests both pine and spruce. The growth may start in any moments and rapidly. We are ready for the opening of purchase as soon as the situation and time is right. We would happily take your observations into account regarding your findings of Boletus and other mushrooms: tel. +358 500 297 811 / Loreno .

In addition to Boletus, some chantarelles have started finally to grow. If you already have something that you want to sell to us, we are serving you on call. It is possible to arrange a purchase meeting in Joensuu or Sotkuma so you can sell  your mushrooms and berries to us even if we are not open yet. Please, contact us tel +358500297 in order to arrange a purchase appointment.

Thank you very much for the photos to our pickers. Above few Boletus Pinophilus findings from this July 2023 and below a nice finding of Boletus Edulis in the beginning of July 2023 in Rääkkylä. Let’s hope that the season starts soon!


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